Laredo Oil has developed the core technologies employed by Civil Drilling in the development of the CD system. Laredo (LRDC) has the longest reach deep horizontal wells in the history of oil field drilling. LRDC has re-licensed its proprietary technology and IP for used by CD in the civil construction sector.

Lithos Engineering is the lead engineer in applications of the CD system. Lithos has pioneered aquifer reinjection, ground source heat pumps (GSHP) studies, water supply uses, wastewater collection systems, and other advanced utility projects.

APS Technology is the premier directional drilling firm in the United States, with the senior personnel from both Pathfinder and Schlumberger. APS has pioneered the most advanced directional drilling strategies available in the US, and has joined CD as a senior partner.

Core Geologic provides the guidance required by CD to perform work in developing world and third world locations using an AI-driven analog that combines ESRI’s ARCInfo GIS with sufficient AI to describe optimum drilling scenarios.

Schramm has joined CD as a hardware partner for one of the most demanding and exciting projects in drilling to appear in decades.

Erdos Miller has developed some of the most advanced directional drilling systems available today.


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Civil Drilling INC. is and alliance developing state of the art directional drilling water, sewer, gas, and electrical applications.


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